We live in a Snapshot Culture

Armed with a digital camera and a spirit of inquiry, schools revel in the images that they create.

Snapshot Culture is an on-line photo album program designed to serve schools, universities and similar organizations. Through the Snapshot Culture program, families can view images taken of school activities and events and can order prints of those images, all on-line. Snapshot Culture ships the prints directly to the families and sends the school or organization 25% of all revenue generated by their purchase. The school enjoys the fun of snapping photos and we do all the work. It’s a Snap!

In addition, Snapshot Culture creates a physical archive of all images taken during the course of the school year. So, not only do our schools reap the goodwill of a service well provided but also the knowledge that they are making the most out of their photography by putting it where it can be viewed, purchased, archived, and used again.